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Pistachio nuts have a pleasant taste and a peculiar, delicate aroma. In home cooking, pistachios are used in making cakes, cakes, ice cream, etc., for decorating confectionery. They are also used in raw, salted and roasted form, add to the production of sausages, cheeses. Very delicious products of minced meat, which added a little shredded pistachios. Surprisingly pleasant taste of pistachios gives cottage cheese.

Unique aroma of a mixture of berries and sweets

Sweet-tart aroma, spicy aroma.

Vanilla nut flavor is a food flavoring additive that is used in cooking. Because their main task is to enhance the flavor and taste. The variety of food flavors is huge. Therefore, your dishes can be given absolutely every taste and aroma. Food flavors are not devoid of meaning. They should be purchased and refilled with home products, since many natural products are not able to retain their own smell for a long time.

Nut flavor vanilla nut is a sample of harmonious taste. Vanilla aroma gently sets off a bitter walnut, and the tartness of the nut adds a taste to the melody of taste. A great way to recharge your batteries for the whole day, to raise your spirits, to awaken inspiration and imagination. With vanilla-nut coffee, even the most modest breakfast will be a holiday.

A pleasant and rich smell of walnut.

Walnut – about this unique plant legends were composed, even Plato compared the external similarity of nuclei with the human brain. Some ancient scientists are convinced that for the acuteness of the mind one must eat walnut oil. Many consider it a symbol of abundance and longevity, some people have a tradition of planting a tree at the birth of a child, then the child will grow healthy.

Walnut kernels are rich in vegetable protein, fats, minerals and vitamins. The core has an astringent taste with a little bitterness and a characteristic spicy smell. Ripe fruit is famous for its high nutritional properties, which support the general tone of the body and improve memory.

Natural flavors based on plants are used in wiping, the liquid for electronic cigarettes acquires a rich nutty flavor, often for a brighter, more refined smell mixed with additives of chocolate, coffee.

Thick flavor of dried prunes
A combination of notes of different fruit flavors, together creating a magnificent sweet smell.

The bright and rich flavor of Tutti Frutti is very attractive to people. It is a wonderful combination of notes of different fruit flavors, together creating a magnificent, unforgettable and rich taste of Tutti Frutti.


Taste and aroma of rose with nuances of rose oil.
Characteristic taste and aroma of nutmeg.
The distinctive aroma of pecan
Fragrance of the kernel of the hazelnut
Creamy flavor of oatmeal cookies
Rich aroma of walnut

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