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Alcoholic flavors

The fragrance of rum is very realistic, saturated, tart, sweet. Does not contain alcohol !!!
Has a thick vanilla aroma in rum
A pleasant aroma of a drink with almond flavor
Sparkling drink with light tones of honey and fruit. Does not contain alcohol !!

The drink is known all over the world, in the post-Soviet space it is considered a special element of the New Year’s feast. Champagne belongs to a number of sparkling wines, the name is similar to the region of the creation of the drink (Champagne).

The scent “Champagne” is successfully used by the confectioners when making delicious treats. The additive enhances the taste and aroma of the products, saturating them with the characteristics characteristic of this illustrious drink.

To order a Champagne flavors you need a minimum of time: just use the order form in our convenient online store and after a while enjoy the additive effect in your products.

Tonic with a bitter bitterness of wormwood and lemon notes. Does not contain alcohol !!!

Initially, the tonic is a non-alcoholic drink. The bitter-sour taste, as well as the carbonated base, perfectly interact with alcoholic beverages, because the tonic is added when making various cocktails and gin.

Aromatizer “Tonic” is widely used in our time to create various low-alcohol drinks. Unsurpassed bitter-sour taste in a pair with alcohol is a rather interesting combination. Gin and tonic cocktail, which can be created with the help of a dietary supplement, is popular throughout the world.

We guarantee the quality of the products supplied, the flavors are completely safe for human health.

Refreshing drink with a unique taste

Aromatizer “Tonic-grapefruit” with great success is involved in the manufacture of various non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. It allows you to create a really refreshing drink with a unique taste. In addition, the supplement “Tonic-grapefruit” is used in the production of confectionery, ice cream and various milk products.

The quality of the Tonic-Grapefruit dietary supplement is carefully checked, we guarantee complete product safety.

To order the fragrance “Tonic-grapefruit” is very simple: use the convenient order form in our online store.

Aroma and taste of the original drink. Does not contain alcohol !!!

Tequila is known as Mexican vodka, which is made from cactus juice (agave). The process of making alcoholic drinks from cacti was coined by the Aztecs. To date, tequila is considered the dignity of Mexico, the drink is widely known throughout the world.

If there was not enough agave at hand, you can use the fragrance “Tequila.” This food additive is used to recreate the flavor and taste of the original beverage. Thus, with a minimum of funds you can get the finest alcoholic beverage. It should be added that the quality of the products is carefully checked, therefore the safety of consumption of products containing flavor is guaranteed.

You can order the fragrance “Tequila” at any convenient time!

The taste of creamy liqueur with rum and fruit notes. Does not contain alcohol !!

The original drink is known all over the world. Initially, a pineapple juice was meant as a pineapple, which was filtered before serving. Later, rum was included in the composition, and in one of the bars of the exotic country of Puerto Rico, a recipe for a delicious cocktail was born, which later became one of the most popular on the planet.

Aromatizer “Pinacolada” is widely used in the process of creating a variety of alcoholic beverages. He fully conveys a bouquet of pineapple juice, rum and cream. The products are used for making delicious cocktails.

To purchase the flavoring “Pinakolada” is easy enough and quickly place an order on our website.

Punch with citrus shade

Punch is considered a collective name for a variety of alcoholic cocktails. Initially, the drink was added fruit juice or fresh fruit. Punch is served most often in large bowls, with floating pieces of fruit inside. Very relevant at parties. They brought a punch to England from India as early as the beginning of the seventeenth century, since then it has spread widely in Europe and America.

Aromatizer “Punch” is very popular in the production of alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages. It gives the drink an excellent fruit taste.


A rich taste and aroma of chocolate with a tart note of liquor. Does not contain alcohol !!

The aroma “Liquor Chocolate” is able to fully convey the sweetness of the original alcoholic beverage, based on the preparation of two ingredients – alcohol and, of course, chocolate. Additional components are also cocoa beans, vanilla and cream. Thanks to the use of a food additive, all these ingredients are clearly felt in the alcoholic beverage prepared with it.

It is worth noting that we carefully check the quality of all products, so we guarantee the safety of using flavor.

In order to order a food supplement “Liquor Chocolate”, it is enough to use the services of our resource.

A rich aroma of cream with a tart note of liquor. Does not contain alcohol !!

With the help of the “Liqueur Creamy” flavoring it is possible to prepare an alcoholic beverage, which throughout the world is customarily prepared from seemingly absolutely opposite components – alcohol and natural cream.

It should be noted that when making the original drink used vodka or Irish whiskey. As an alternative ingredient, rum or scotch is used.

With the help of a dietary supplement, you can get a pleasant taste of creamy liqueur, it completely mimics the smell of a natural product. Ready drink is consumed with tea or coffee. Products based on the flavor “Liquor Creamy” are used in combination with ice cream and various fruit desserts.

The taste of rum with a persistent coconut flavor. Does not contain alcohol !!!

This flavor is able to add an incredible flavor and flavor to your drink. The homeland of the original Malibu alcohol is the island of Barbados. With the help of a dietary supplement you will be able to obtain unique taste qualities of the liqueur, using at the same time a minimum of components.

We monitor the quality of the products supplied, safety for the consumer is guaranteed.

Food flavoring “Liquor Malibu” – an ideal option for the production of alcoholic beverages. It fully conveys the strong taste of rum with a persistent coconut aroma. The finished product is used as an integral part of cocktails, the recipes of which are huge, and in its pure form.

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