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Alcoholic flavors

The scent of Whiskey is a different bouquet of different smells. Does not contain alcohol !!

A whiskey flavor is a supplement widely used in the food industry. It is identical to natural flavor, that is, it includes both natural and artificial ingredients.

The flavor of whiskey is used in the production process, as products, in particular, confectionery products, and beverages. This flavor is also used in the manufacture of mousses, creams, soufflé and much more.

The smell and taste qualities that acquire different foods and drinks with the addition of whiskey flavors are saturated and unrepeatable. In general, the aroma of whiskey is a whole bunch of different smells, which perfectly match with each other. This results in an aromatic composition that can hardly be forgotten!

It is extremely important to comply with the conditions when storing the whiskey flavor. After all, only in this case you can not worry about the safety of its properties for a whole year, that is, the shelf life of this flavor. After all, it is exactly one year, from the moment when the flavor of whiskey was produced. What are these conditions? The temperature should be in the range of 10 to 25 degrees, and the maximum allowable humidity is 75 percent.

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Aroma from a combination of mint, cardamom, cinnamon nutmeg and many other flowers and herbs. Does not contain alcohol !!

Vermouth is a fortified wine, in which various medicinal plants and spices are added.

Flavor “Vermouth” completely recreates the taste and aroma of the original drink. It is often used in the manufacture of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. The bouquet of aromas of the food additive consists of a combination of mint, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and many other flowers and herbs.

The quality of the fragrance is carefully checked by us, so it is not worth worrying about the safety of the product for human health.

You can buy the fragrance “Vermouth” by using our resource.

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Delicate creamy taste. Does not contain alcohol !!

This liqueur is known for its delicate and creamy taste. At the heart of the Irish whiskey, but the taste qualities can be achieved using the flavors “Baileys.” It is an identical natural additive that will give a specific smell to this drink. The main aromatic profile is a creamy flavor with a liqueur.

The main application is the production of inexpensive beverages, wines and cognacs, as well as in the food industry for obtaining cocktails, sauces, fat and other products. The special popularity of the fragrance is due to its delicate smell and mild taste. The correct glass for this excellent drink and your evening will be filled with unforgettable emotions.

Storage of flavor is carried out in a dark cool place. Do not use the product at the end of the expiry date, as this can be hazardous to health. For convenient dosing, the bottle is equipped with a convenient dropper. You can buy the product on our website

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We offer only a quality product that is in demand. With us it became easier to cook a truly delicious homemade wine! We wish you creative success.

Spicy and slightly sweet taste

Looking for an aromatic additive for home-made wine that will surprise you? Our online store invites you to evaluate the flavor “Anise”. Its rich, bright, but not intrusive scent will taste to any gourmet. The main flavor is the liqueur of Sambuca. That is why it is used for the preparation of inexpensive wines and other alcoholic beverages. It is often used for obtaining strong drinks, because the flavor has a strong and persistent aroma. The drink acquires a spicy and slightly sweet taste – it is an unforgettable aroma of aniseed liquor. The use of an anise additive will help you improve your brain and improve your mood. This product is perfectly combined with many food products, so its use is considered as safe as possible.

Not allowed during storage of sunlight, as this will lead to the formation of irreversible processes in the additive. This identical food flavor should be stored only in a dark and cool place, preferably in a refrigerator (located in the fresh-air zone). Also use the fragrance before the expiration date. Since this is a highly concentrated additive, the percentage in the drink should not exceed a threshold of 2-3%.

A saturated flavor of brandy. Does not contain alcohol !!!

Identical natural flavoring “Brandy” can be purchased at on favorable terms. The product is available and on order. You can also buy the product in bulk. Now the Celtic atmosphere will become closer to you, because inexpensive brandy can be cooked at home. This modifier will soften the taste of strong alcohol, making it more saturated and at the same time pleasant to the taste. British style can be created right at home. The introduction of the additive into the drink is carried out by blending in a special container. This way will help you to open the entire bouquet of flavoring “Brandy”.

The main application of the fragrance is the preparation of inexpensive varieties of wines and aromatization of other food products. The composition includes natural ingredients, the mixture is obtained by chemical means. Often, this additive serves to obtain a special tart odor when the room is scented. One bottle is enough for 3-4 months of aromatizing the room in full.

Produced in a special vial, which can be stored for no more than 12 months with full tightness. When opalescence falls out, one should not be frightened, as a rule, this does not indicate the spoilage of the product.

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