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Fruit & berry flavors

The combination of sweet notes of cinnamon and pleasant acidity of apple

The flavors for the “apple with cinnamon” cigarettes for adding to the liquid for electronic cigarettes will surely appeal to real connoisseurs of wipe. A successful combination of sweet notes of cinnamon and pleasant acidity of apple will bring unforgettable sensations. Taking this flavor as a base and mixing with other flavors, you can independently prepare a unique mix.

Aromatizer for electronic cigarettes “apple with cinnamon” from the company Kema Club is a quality product at an attractive price. The aroma does not contain nicotine, therefore it is completely safe for health. When cooking, you can “adjust” the saturation of taste: from light (less than 5 percent of the volume of the liquid) to a pronounced (less than 10 percent of the volume). In the case of making a mix, the optimum amount of flavor is 2-4 percent.

To buy a flavor for cigarettes “apple with cinnamon” is possible with the help of the site of the company Kema Club. To do this, you must contact the managers of the company by phone, the number of which is listed on the site, and complete the application. Another option is to use the feedback form. To do this, click on the “Request prices” button in the product card and fill in the fields in the appeared dialog box. You will need to specify the phone number, name and e-mail. The manager of the Kema Club will call back for a short time to clarify the details of the order, terms of delivery and payment.

Buy flavor for electronic cigarettes “apple with cinnamon” will be at a bargain price: this can be seen by any customer who has placed an order with Kema Club. Possible non-cash payment (bank transfer) or payment using electronic payment systems Yandex.Money, WebMoney or Qiwi. Delivery is carried out by transport companies in any region of Russia.

Juicy flavor of a green apple

Electronic cigarettes densely entered our life a few years ago. The reasons why smokers choose electronic options are quite a lot. The main one is harmlessness. Experts assure that in such an adaptation there are no harmful substances that negatively affect the health of the smoker and the people around him.

One of the main components for “electron” is a liquid with one or another flavor. These substances not only add flavor and flavor to smoking, but also greatly affect the throat. Therefore, you need to choose flavors only in specialized stores where only high-quality and harmless goods are sold. In such places, as a rule, reliability is guaranteed not only by inspections, but also by a large number of buyers.

Our store offers a variety of flavors, quality and safety. A flavor for cigarettes is apple green – one of the frequent choices of buyers. A pleasant fruity aroma, which many people love since childhood, is quite rich and strong. Therefore, first add a little flavor to the liquid for cigarettes apple green. If the saturation is insufficient, increase the amount of the additive. This fragrance will definitely help to relax and distract from worries during the working day or just to put things in order in a cozy home environment.

Buy a flavor for apple green cigarettes is very simple. Choose the product on the site, fill out a convenient order form and in the near future get it in the nearest post office or courier. Buying a flavor for cigarettes with the taste of a green apple, you get a number of advantages:

Quality and harmless flavor;
Rich aroma;
The minimum cost;
Free and fairly fast delivery.
A pleasant addition to an electronic cigarette from a reliable manufacturer.

Rich aroma of blueberry

Increasingly, people can be found with electronic cigarettes, not only in enclosed spaces, but also on the street. And it’s not surprising. After all, scientists have repeatedly proven the harmlessness of this device, which also has a number of additional advantages over conventional cigarettes:

The absence of a sharp odor, so that the smoker does not cause discomfort to the surrounding people;
hair and clothing also do not absorb tobacco smoke;
tooth enamel does not acquire a yellowish tinge when smoking electronic cigarettes.
There are special flavors that fill every smoke with pleasant sensations and smells. Scientists say that pleasant smells help to relax and relax, relieve tension and calm the nervous system after a difficult working day. Therefore, smoking with fruit and berry additives is very useful.

A flavoring for blueberries is one of the many ways to dilute the smoking process and add a pleasant scent. Flavors for cigarettes with a blueberry smell have only safe ingredients in their composition. A pleasant smell of forest berries will bring real pleasure when smoking an electronic cigarette. You can completely immerse yourself in the memories of the forests from childhood, in which this rare berry grows. In addition, the additive contains special substances that can even reduce the dependence on smoking!

Buy a flavor for a blueberry cigarette can be very easy, with a few clicks of a computer mouse. Our store specializes only in quality and safe goods. Buying a flavor for blueberry cigarettes, you can be sure that you will get a nice addition to your electronic cigarette. The smell of the berry is rich and pleasant. A pleasant news for you will be absolutely free and fast delivery.

A rich taste of ripe black currant with pleasant sourness and a firm aftertaste.

The range of berry flavors from Kem Club includes a flavor for cigarettes “black currant”. The classic berry flavor will not leave indifferent real wipe fans. The aroma for electronic cigarettes “black currant” is a bright and rich taste of a ripe black currant with pleasant sourness and a firm aftertaste.

When flavor is added to the liquid for electronic cigarettes, it is possible to independently adjust the saturation of the taste: up to 5 percent of the volume is a light taste, 5 to 10 percent is pronounced. In addition, the flavor “black currant” can be taken as a basis, and independently prepare a unique mix of several tastes. The flavor is absent nicotine, so it is safe for health.

Excellent quality products from the company Kem Club successfully combined with a very attractive value. Buy a flavor for cigarettes “black currant” will be at a wholesale price with a minimum mark-up. You can place an order both for individuals and legal entities. To do this, you need to call the phone number indicated on the site – the managers of the company will be happy to advise the client on payment and delivery of products. Another option is to use the feedback form. To do this, go to the product card and click on the “Request prices” button, then specify the contact information in the dialog box that appears.

To buy a flavor for electronic cigarettes “black currant”, you should use one of several methods of payment: cashless payment (if the settlement account is not available, payment can be made in the nearest branch of the Savings Bank) or electronic payment systems: WebMoney, Qiwi or Yandex.Money. Delivery of the transport company is carried out throughout Russia.

Aroma of sweet raspberries with sour lemon.
Fresh aroma of sugar watermelon
Berry mix with a light aroma of currant and a delicate taste of cherry

Black currant with a cherry is a classic duo of a gardener or a berry-fruit mix with a light fragrance of currant and is exquisitely delicately flavored with cherries. A perfect combination and the opportunity to diversify the fragrant palette, to remember the warm summer evening, the slight breeze of the breeze, the rustle of the leaves, the unity with nature. The leading notes are sweet and sour, slightly tart and soft.
Food flavoring made from natural ingredients and ingredients will give a more vivid and rich flavor to confectionery products, fruit yogurt and other dairy products, desserts. It also goes well with black tea.
Very often used in the tobacco industry and wiping, introducing a variety in the range of liquids for electronic cigarettes.

Sweet aroma of black currant

Black currant is a garden berry of rich color, with a rich bright aroma, which can not be confused with anything else. Juicy sweet taste, supplemented with a little acidity. Fruity notes with an oriental focus perfectly relieve tension, soothe and relax. Therefore, a jar of jam or jam perfectly brighten up the autumn or winter evening, will bring comfort and warmth.
Food flavor is used for dough, added to confectionery products, desserts, cakes and ice cream, fillings for sweets, soft drinks and syrups, yoghurts and other fermented milk mixtures. Perfectly harmonizes with strong black tea. Another area of ​​application of wiping, liquid for electronic cigarettes acquires an excellent smell.

Black currant is a shrub plant common in Europe and Asia, in gardens of it often create a hedge. Passing past the thickets from afar you can feel the astringent fragrance of the leaves of the bush. Fruits of small size, dark blue, almost black, very juicy, have a sweetish-sour taste, and a delicate fruit aroma. Valuable properties are allocated to all parts of the plant. Black currant can safely give leadership on the content of vitamin C, clearly contributing to the strengthening of immunity. Berries are eaten both freshly and in processed form, they prepare jam, jams. Juice perfectly quenches thirst in a summer hot day, relieves fatigue, energizes.
Natural flavor is used in wiping, giving the liquid for electronic cigarettes a fantastic smell of fresh berries.

A rich and sweet aroma cherry

Cherry – a favorite berry from childhood, has an excellent, rich, sweet taste. Summer generously gives us a unique smell of freshness of ripe fruit.
I want to lie on the grass under the tree and enjoy the aroma, putting in order thoughts and feelings.
Flavors based on natural ingredients are a great addition to home baking, add spice and pleasure.
Also used in the production of cakes, mousses, creams, ice cream, yogurts, fruit drinks, add to tea, milkshakes.
Acquired reputation as one of the popular flavors for electronic cigarettes.

Sunny, sweet cocktail of bright fruit aromas.

Fruit assorted – an amazing bouquet of juicy flavor and rich taste. The smell of the forest and garden, the fragrance of herbs and flowers, the freshness of the summer morning and the light blow of the warm wind, combined this berry mix.
Food flavor will help restore lost qualities, improve naturalness, bring new unforgettable impressions, add zest.
It is one of the components of baking, confectionery, milk yogurt, mousses, desserts, supplements teas, cocktails and other drinks.
Successfully applied in wiping, impregnates the color liquid for electronic cigarettes.

Juicy, explosive fruit flavor.
Sweet and sour aroma of feijoa

Feijoa is a tropical plant native to South America. The round oblong berry, covered with a green peel, has a juicy, jelly-like pulp of sweet and sour taste. Ripe fruits are famous for their unique aroma, reminiscent of kiwi, strawberries and pineapple.

Feijoa is good to use fresh, you can also prepare juice, preserve, tasty jam, jam, jelly are obtained. Culinary specialists learned to make an exquisite sauce, which perfectly matches with meat and fish.

Natural flavor based on the strange fruit is used in wiping, saturating the liquid for electronic cigarettes with a pleasant fresh smell, it will necessarily be to the liking of exotic lovers.

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