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Herbal flavors

A bitter taste with a chill

Menthol – a very fragrant substance of natural origin, it is obtained from the essential oil of peppermint. Has a pronounced fresh smell, has a cooling effect, the taste is bitter with a chill. Well established in pharmaceuticals, often a component in medications for colds, sore throats, cough suppressants, can be found in ointments from bruises, rheumatism.

Also, it is used by cosmetologists for making, soaps, shampoos, creams that perfectly remove itching and irritation.
In the cooking, add to the candy, all the famous candy, gingerbread and muffins.

In addition, the natural additive is popular in wiping, the liquid for electronic cigarettes produces great impressions for lovers of soaring, leaving after themselves, fresh coolness.

Exquisite mint flavor with herbs

Mint with herbs is an exquisite combination of herbs, where the main role is reserved for scented mint. A truly fragrant cocktail that deserves attention. Such a bouquet of herbs of various kinds was generously endowed with a variety of medicinal substances. It is very useful in the cold season, adding a pinch to tea, you can enjoy an amazing smell, in addition, it is a wonderful warming agent, is also soothing.

Manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages often add such a wonderful flavor to the products that are produced, which year round does not cease to please the consumer with its natural smell of herbs.
In addition, the flavor is well combined with pies, cupcakes, cakes, baking sweetness.

Additionally, the alliance of herbs found its niche in wiping, as an additive to the liquid for electronic cigarettes.

Fresh peppermint flavor

Peppermint is a plant famous for its strong fragrant aroma. Recognized as the most famous variety of mint. Got this variety, crossing the mint field with the wild. The characteristic burning taste of leaves defined the name. A richly herbaceous plant with essential oils, one of the most valuable components is menthol, which has a soothing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect.

A natural natural flavor based on peppermint has perfectly proven itself in soft drinks. Products with such an additive perfectly refreshes and tones the body, besides all food fragrances do not contain alcohol.

Also, it is used in cooking, especially spice in oriental cuisine.
Cosmetologists have not overlooked such an amazing aroma, so it is often present in creams, lotions, tonics, and are also used in soap making.
Pleasant chill menthol is popular in wiping, the liquid for electronic cigarettes is famous for its unique freshness.

Fresh coniferous aroma

Juniper is an evergreen coniferous shrub belonging to the cypress family. It is an excellent air purifier, even in ancient Russia it was used as an incense, burning it in a residential part of the room. The aroma is tart, refreshing, slightly smoky with a woody note.

Juniper contains essential oil, which helps with various ailments, it is known for restorative and tonic effect, therefore it is often used in aromatherapy, baths, massages.
Food flavor is widely used in various drinks and tinctures, the quality of the plant helps to enrich them with a pleasant fresh coniferous spirit.
Also used in cosmetology, the cream provides excellent care for any type of skin, in addition, they increase the elasticity, improve the complexion. Gels for the shower well moisturize the skin, add vivacity, cheer up.

Another area of ​​distribution – wiping, a unique fragrance introduces an interesting zest in the liquid for electronic cigarettes.

Taste of fresh raspberry with a touch of juicy herbs

Raspberries and herbs are an amazing combination of aromatic enticing sweetness of juicy berries with a variety of shades of fresh herbs. A fragrant gift of nature, contains many useful and valuable substances for the human body. The product is made of high quality raw materials and is rich in minerals and vitamins.

Fragrant herbs with raspberries will create warmth and comfort, will become perfect companions in business negotiations and friendly conversation, always brighten up the evening in the family circle.
Food flavoring has found application in the production of soft drinks, compotes, nectars, fruit drinks, teas, acquire a fragrant and fresh taste. Aromatic liquid perfectly quenches thirst, tones up, cheers up.

Also, it is used in cooking, when baking biscuits, pies, cakes.
Enjoy a wonderful smell, maybe lovers of wiping, after trying out the liquid for electronic cigarettes.

Flower-honey aroma

Jasmine is an evergreen curly shrub. Be famous for very fragrant flowers of white and milk color. A plant with a magical fragrance is an aphrodisiac stimulating feelings. The royal shrub comes from Asia, its rich flower-honey aroma always permeated the imperial gardens.

In the flowers of the plant contains a huge amount of essential oil, which has a curative property. Oil is often used in cosmetology, it softens and moisturizes the skin, making it supple, helps reduce wrinkles, improves complexion, and is also used for massage and relaxing baths.

Thanks to the aroma it was to the taste of the culinary specialists, it is used to make delicious desserts, add to ice cream, teas.
Food flavoring gives a unique smell of non-alcoholic drinks, filling them with tenderness and freshness.
Another area of ​​application of wiping, the liquid for electronic cigarettes acquires a chic flavor.

Tangy aroma with spicy note

An orange with ginger is an incredibly fragrant tandem. A brightly orange fruit, one of the popular representatives of the citrus family in combination with ginger acquires a unique refreshingly tart aroma with a spicy note. Such a wonderful scent will raise the mood, help recreate romantic feelings, give energy and vitality.

Cosmetologists around the world use this unique combination in moisturizing and toning means, creams against cellulite, oil is great for massage.
Natural flavor has won a good reputation in the production of soft drinks, as a refreshing and invigorating, giving pleasure to taste and smell.

Many fans of such an interesting mixture found in wiping, the liquid for electronic cigarettes is filled with a bright fragrance.

The bright aroma of raspberry with a refreshing taste and aroma of menthol
Original pleasant aroma with spicy notes

Tarhun – all known soda is bright green, but not everyone knows what the tarhun is, another one is its name tarragon. Spicy grass with a slightly sharp, but at the same time pleasant original smell. It lives on mountain slopes, in the forest, on the fields. Blossoms from August to September. The variety of useful properties is amazing. Infusions and teas from the leaves can relieve depression, improve the work of the central nervous system, strengthen immunity, protect against colds.
Together with natural flavors, we have the opportunity to enjoy the fragrance of this miracle of the plant at any time of the year. Adding to soft drinks that perfectly quench thirst, refresh and tone, fill our life with bright colors and emotions.

Fragrant fragrance of mint

Peppermint is a plant amazing with its fragrance.
As the ancient legend says, she got her name from the goddess Minta, whom Aida’s wife turned into fragrant grass, having learned that she is in love with the god of the underworld.
Nature generously endowed her with essential oil. Fresh leaves contain a huge amount of menthol, and many other medicinal substances.
The pleasant taste of peppermint is perfectly emphasized by natural flavors, and we can always enjoy your favorite drinks, regardless of the season, on a hot summer day it will refresh and give you a cool feeling, and in winter cold the tea containing this miracle will perfectly warm the tea. In addition, it has a soothing effect, helps to cope with stress, regulates sleep.

Rich aroma of lemon balm

Melissa is a herbaceous plant, the closest relative of mint, originally from southern Europe. As the legend tells, she got her name from the ancient Greek nymph Melissa, from which the beekeeping originates. Indeed, the herb with its excellent lemon scent attracts bees. Many useful substances are in essential oil, the smell is a natural antidepressant, well calming the nervous system. Natural flavors are used to saturate soft drinks and give a gentle refreshing taste. Favorite all-fragrant tea helps to relax, relieves fatigue, accumulated over the day, perfectly eliminates insomnia.

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