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Non-alcoholic flavors

Creamy aroma with a note of iris and a smell of pastry. Stuffed milk

Gherten milk is a cream colored drink obtained as a result of heat treatment from whole milk. Evenly heating cow’s milk and maintaining a high temperature for a certain time, you get a sweet liquid with a creamy taste, a caramel shade and an original smell reminiscent of grandmother’s pies from the oven, from the heat of the heat.

Natural flavor from high quality raw materials is used for making yoghurts, ice cream, baking, in addition, recently it has been used in wiping, as part of the liquid for electronic cigarettes. With the help of such an additive the process of steaming turns into a relaxing exercise, which is able to give pleasure to your favorite fragrance.


Milk and creamy aroma

Condensed milk flavor is a food flavoring additive, which is used in cooking. Because their main task is to enhance the flavor and taste. The variety of food flavors is huge. Therefore, your dishes can be given absolutely every taste and aroma. Food flavors are not devoid of meaning. They should be purchased and refilled their home products, in addition, many natural products are not able to keep their own smell for a long time.

Condensed milk flavoring is the sweetest taste and characteristic milky-creamy aroma. This is a taste that is familiar to everyone since childhood. It is used to impart flavor and taste to confectionery and bakery products, dairy and dairy products, and desserts.

Milk flavor

Milk is fresh – a meeting with this amazing product occurs from the first days of a person’s birth. Fresh milk is characterized by white color, homogeneous tender consistency, aromatic milk smell.
From time immemorial, the product of animal husbandry was sung by various peoples, about it were made up epics and fairy tales. The secret of the beauty of Queen Cleopatra is the legendary milk baths.

Undoubtedly, the milk is rich in useful elements that ensure the growth of the body, the development of the skeleton, the strengthening of immunity.
In cosmetology, a unique product is used to prepare masks that perfectly nourish the skin. Culinary specialists add milk to pastries, cocktails, sauces.

In the modern world, a natural additive, from the miracle of creation, has found application in wiping, giving the liquid for electronic cigarettes a pleasant gentle smell of freshness, reminiscent of the flood meadows and the beautiful age of childhood.

Thin delicate fragrance

Milk is an unusually nutritious drink, has a sweetish taste, a delicate, delicate aroma. Elixir of life energy, a symbol of abundance and fertility. Reflection of motherhood, family hearth, kindness and affection. The product of livestock in large quantities is endowed with valuable substances. Milk nourishes the skin well, eliminates redness and inflammation, so cosmetologists often use it in face masks, creams, lotions. Cooks are added to sauces, marinades, pastries.

It is worth noting the use of such a unique flavoring in wiping, with its help liquid for electronic cigarettes acquires a unique fragrance, it will be appreciated by steamers, lovers of originality.

A pronounced aroma of coffee with a touch of chocolate

Mocha coffee is an ancient elite sort of coffee beans, a kind of famous arabica, acquired its name, thanks to the Yemeni town of Moha, located on the beautiful coast of the Red Sea. To date, this type of raw material claims to be one of the most high-quality and popular in the world market. Coffee drink is characterized by a small acidity with a touch of chocolate, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. It has a pronounced aroma that durmans, drunks, charges a huge amount of energy, real connoisseurs are delighted, inhaling the smell of coffee, the body is filled with strength, fatigue goes away.

In our century, a natural flavor, created on the basis of coffee beans, has become widespread in wiping, the liquid for electronic cigarettes is famous for its rich smell, and has gained not a few admirers.

Sweet taste with a coffee tint and a bright creamy note

Irish Krim is a rather popular liquid for electronic cigarettes, with a rich creamy aroma of the same name, the famous on the world arena Irish whiskey. Especially popular among the strong half of humanity. There is an attractive sweet taste with a coffee tint and a bright creamy note characteristic of the product.

A fragrant piquant composition is the ideal solution for relaxing after a hard day’s work, as well as an excellent addition to a festive evening. A subtle aroma in the process of soaring will create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the circle of friends. With such an extraordinary fluid, all your fantasies will become reality. Among other things, all ingredients are made on the basis of exceptional natural ingredients.

Tangible fragrance with many unique shades

Black tea – has won popularity for the unusual flavoring and aromatic properties, it is esteemed all over the world, not without reason this drink has firmly taken the second place after water. Get herbal infusion from the leaves of the bush Camellia Chinese, for a long time in the east, it is famous for its medicinal qualities, in addition, the plant has a toning and thirsting effect.

The liquid with exquisite thick aroma, pronounced astringency, has many unique shades, eventually gained many admirers at different latitudes of the globe.

Natural food flavoring will certainly bring a richness and freshness when added to soft drinks, confectionery, baked goods.
The aroma of black tea is well added to the liquid for electronic cigarettes. He will certainly have to taste vyperam.

Pleasant, sour taste

Karkade tea is a herbal drink made from dried petals of the Sudanese rose, also known as hibiscus.
Nationally recognized in Egypt, the drink has received and we have a wide distribution.

It is enough to throw a handful of flowers in a glass or ceramic container and pour water to feel the exquisite aroma of ruby ​​liquid. Used in hot, and cold. Acid to taste, it perfectly quenches thirst, in addition it has a general strengthening effect on the body, adds energy and tones well.

The unique smell of carcade is successfully used for making various soft drinks, fruit drinks, and can also add light sourness to baking and confectionery products, thereby emphasizing their originality. It is also used for the production of cosmetics, shower gels, soaps, giving the products a subtle, elegant fragrance.
Recently, it is often used in wiping, it provides liquid for electronic cigarettes with the uniqueness of taste and smell.

Tart taste of green tea with sour lemon

Green tea with lemon – many thousands of years ago, the ancient Chinese appreciated the positive effect of green tea on the human body. Nowadays, the tart taste of the leaves is supplemented with sour lemon, giving the drink an unusual citrus aroma.

An unusual combination of flavor invigorates and refreshes well in the summer heat, and in warm weather it warms and adds so necessary for immunity of vitamin C, helping to fight seasonal colds. A fragrant amber liquid based on green tea perfectly refreshes, soothes, relaxes after a hard day, helps to put in order thoughts, relieve tension.

Manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages have not ignored such a multifaceted flavor, it is often used in the production of lemonades and other refreshing beverages. Confectioners are also attracted by an interesting combination that can be found in cakes, mousses, puddings, pies.
In addition, food flavors are used in wiping, giving an unusual freshness of the liquid for electronic cigarettes.

Tart, rich taste of green tea

Green tea is a plant with elongated leaves, green in color, distinguished by a variety of shades. The sinuses of the leaves are rich in fragrant flowers. Fruits are a flattened box, inside of which are round seeds of brown color.

Since ancient times, the miraculous power of tea is familiar. Cosmetologists and pharmacists introduce it into their preparations. Extract of green tea, is an ideal ingredient of nutritious creams and various bioadditives. Unique properties of the plant improve the digestive process, strengthen the blood vessels, raise the general tone of the body, perfectly take care of the problem skin.

Manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages have not disregarded the food flavoring on a natural basis, with its help the liquid acquires a wonderful smell and is overflowing with freshness.
Also respected in wiping, as the original additive in the liquid for electronic cigarettes.

To taste it looks like an airy gentle mousse, an absolutely weightless structure and a distinctive wine aroma
Aroma of tropical fruits

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