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Powder flavors

Sharp taste of garlic

Garlic is a popular vegetable culture, with a sharp taste and characteristic odor.

Taste of garlic

Garlic is a popular vegetable culture, with a sharp taste and characteristic odor.

Strong fragrance of dill

Dill refers to the herbaceous annual plants of the family “Umbrellas”. Dill needs warmth or hot summer and bright light. It grows well on fertile, well-loosened soils, and its seeds remain viable for 3-10 years. Thanks to a very strong flavor, dill is used in any form. Based on it, vinegar is made for preserving vegetables. Dried greens are added to foods as spices. Young leaves are often used as a seasoning for foods. Greens and fruits serve for flavoring of baking, marinades, tea, sauerkraut. The phytoncides contained in the plant prevent the spoilage of the pickles. Essential dill oil is used in the food, canning, soap and alcohol industry. With the help of flavor with the taste of dill, you will give your dishes a unique taste.

A saturated aroma of shrimp

Shrimp are crustaceans from the order of decapods (Decapoda). Shrimp are widely distributed on many seas, some species also live in fresh waters. Dimensions of shrimps vary from 2 to 30 centimeters. In the world there are a huge number of shrimp species, only in our Far East there are more than 100 species, many of which are objects of industrial fishing.

Dishes from shrimps are very popular in the kitchens of many peoples. Although in Judaism shrimp are forbidden to eat, like all other crustaceans. Shrimp are rich in calcium and protein, although they contain quite a few calories. It should be remembered that shrimp dishes are a source of cholesterol, its content ranges from 7 to 251 milligrams per 100 grams, depending on the method of preparation. Correctly cooked shrimps have a delicate taste, inherent in all crustaceans. The boiled shrimps are rubbery to the taste. Shrimp are perfectly combined with vegetables. Shrimp is used in cooking as an independent main course or as an ingredient in salad, sauces, soups and snacks.

Aromatizer bacon is recommended for sausages, pates and various ready-made dishes.

For the production of bacon, special fast-ridden animals are used, which have a long back. Basically, the bacon is salted with the use of table salt. The animals are fed with selected food so that the meat is of the highest quality. Aromatizer bacon is recommended for sausages, pates and various ready-made dishes. Add to minced meat at the stage of laying spices.

To taste this flavor becomes a bit spicy and very juicy.

Sauce dzadziki, the most popular sauce in Greek cuisine, which should be prepared on yogurt, however, it can be replaced with sour cream. To taste this sauce turns a little sharp and very juicy.

Wasabi Flavor is a great addition to sushi, rolls and other oriental dishes
The taste of sweet carrots is familiar to everyone from childhood

Each person’s daily diet should include foods that are rich in vitamin A (retinol) and carotene. They contribute to increasing the functionality of the body’s defense system, play an important role in the vital functions of skin cells, contribute to the improvement and saving of vision. In this regard, it is best to eat carrots. After all, the concentration of vitamin A, it is significantly ahead of other vegetables and fruits. But it’s even more pleasant to use sweet carrot varieties. Still in the composition of the vegetable are essential oils, which give it a characteristic aroma and affect the taste.

Identical to natural

This solid cheese has a gentle, but at the same time quite elastic and elastic consistency. This product can have a different color, both beige and light yellow. The distinctive features of this cheese include the presence of sufficiently large holes, which are distributed almost uniformly

Identical to natural

Chili does not always mean tears from the eyes and fire in the throat. As a rule, red peppers are sharper than green peppers. The smaller and thinner the chili, the sharper they are. Imagine, connoisseurs of chili recommend biting off a pepper to taste it! But if you decide on such a risky action, keep cheese on hand to immediately extinguish the fire in your mouth!
The sharpest in chilli – seeds and plates inside, remove them with a spoon or a sharp knife and the sharpness of chili will be sweeter than fire. The substance giving pepper to chili burning is called capsaicin, and the greatest amount is contained in seeds and internal plates. To muffle the fire, remove seeds and plates, while being careful – the essential oils released during cleaning can cause skin irritation. Chile is rich in vitamins A and C. Also, the use of chili encourages the development of endorphins in the body that stimulate the immune system, improve blood circulation, reduce pain and reduce stress.


The history of the appearance of dried tomatoes originates in sunny Italy. Drying and drying vegetables, the Italians learned long before these products were on our table. For the first time sun dried tomatoes saw the light in the nineteenth century, at the same time, the mass production of this product began. The taste of dried tomatoes is rich in spicy, and the aroma is simply incomparable and very appetizing.

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