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Muscular fragrance

The fragrant fresh perfume “Pollen” has an excellent composition of flower-musky odors. After all, perfume is a mixture of many organic substances. In the perfume of Pollen, summer flavors predominate – floral notes, fruit cocktail, musk. If you want to add sun to your life, dilute the daily worries with a ray of floral-musky aroma, buy the perfume of Pollen and add it to all kinds of products. In particular, this fragrance is suitable for home soap, shower gel, creams and balms, hair care products and skin care products. Also with the use of fragrance with a floral-musky fragrance, you can make a great air fragrance.

The presented fragrance is universal, however it can be used in a perfume composition intended for women. It is an excellent addition to the basic fragrance that makes perfume more light and gentle.

To buy Pollen fragrance (flower-musky), write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

The smell of spring and flowering linden
Delicious herbal fragrance with shades of flowers.

Thyme is a wonderful fragrant remedy that helps to overcome colds and gain energy. To always smell the fresh summer thyme, you need to buy a flavor of Thyme and enjoy its scent at home or at work.

A saturated mild aroma of the cotton field.

Cotton has a lot of useful properties. It is not only suitable for fabric production, but also serves as an excellent means for obtaining extracts and flavorings. To give the room a rich mild aroma of the cotton field, it is worth using the fragrance Cotton.

A delicate aroma of peony.

Pion extracts have a number of healing properties. Thus, with the help of these extracts, it is possible to normalize the functioning of the entire nervous system, to normalize the pressure, and to improve the quality of sleep. The aroma of the peony is strong enough, but not sharp, fragrant, memorable and unique.

Soft aroma of the lily of the valley.

The most delicate aroma of lilies of the valley can not leave anyone indifferent. The perfume of the lily of the valley transmits this smell, which almost does not differ from the real fragrance. A soft, pleasant for human smell of lilies of the valley sets on a romantic, lyrical fret, creating an atmosphere of fairy tales and magic.

Flower fragrance.

Aroma The Indian rose has a unique aroma that can create real miracles. With its help, the usual room turns into a mysterious hall of Indian culture dotted with rose petals. The aroma of the Indian rose is intended for the aromatization of air and the creation of a fabulous setting.

Aroma of green tea.

Green flower tea is an excellent invigorating remedy, which gives freshness to the morning and energy for the whole day. Flavor Green tea (floral) is a wonderful smell for shopping pavilions where you need to make a welcoming atmosphere and give freshness to the situation.

Bright blend of tropical flowers of ylang-ylang and jasmine.

A unique combination of an evergreen tree such as ylang ylang and a plant such as jasmine, is a unique combination of fragrance that brings a sense of optimism, and a smell that is particularly tender. They perfectly complement each other, creating one whole. Flavors and fragrances, which are widely used now in cosmetology, allow you to achieve almost any smell that is required.

A fragrance of a tender rose.

Velvet rose is not only beautiful, but also has a wonderful aroma. This smell is completely identical to the velvet rose aroma. With its help, a variety of rooms that need it are scented. The subtle smell of roses will only give beautiful emotions.

A bright cucumber flavor.

The fragrance of the cucumber has many different properties. With its help, you can give the room an interesting atmosphere and remind you of the approach of summer. The flavor of the cucumber reminds us of summer salads, freshness of water, high spirits.

Sweet aroma of gardenia.

The sweet fragrance of Gardenia will allow you to plunge into the sunny Tahiti and spend a few blissful moments there. This floral fragrance is good for soaps, shower gels, shampoos.

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