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Sweet and coniferous aroma.

The aroma of a sugar apple is sweet-coniferous.


This fragrance combines a sweet fruit smell with the addition of notes of fresh pine needles.


Thanks to this fragrance, you can relax, forget about problems and responsibilities. In addition, the flavor of the sugar apple allows you to cope with anxiety and stress, even depression – by virtue of this fragrance. The general effect of the aroma in question on the body is positive, up to the fact that the immune system is strengthened, and overall well-being improves.


The useful properties of the sugar apple flavor include its ability to restore strength and energy, to tone, and also to relax the entire body.


If you are upset or just tired, angry or, you think that the whole world hates you, pause, breathe in the flavor of the sugar apple. Everything will be alright. A good mood will return, and all anxieties will seem small and insignificant.

Cosmetic and household use

The fragrance of a sugar apple is used to aromatize various retail spaces in order to attract customers even more actively. In addition, it should be noted and cosmetic application of the aroma in question. In the manufacture of various products, for their aromatization, the smell of a sugar apple is just fine.

Fresh and natural flavor of a green apple.

Find a more fresh and natural flavor is very difficult. The smell of an apple, obtained with the help of natural flavors, is very difficult to distinguish from its true flavor. This fragrance is liked by everyone without exception. Due to the existing fragrances, today it is possible to reproduce almost any flavor. A green apple is a fragrance of freshness and purity. Thanks to a delicate aroma with notes of sourness and sweetness, perfume Green apple is widely used in various non-food products. Thus, if you need to bring the aroma of a green apple into cosmetics, perfumes, household chemicals, deodorants, creams and much more, you should use a green apple fragrance. It will fill the product with a wonderful fresh fragrance, which will please all with green notes and an original bouquet of aromas. Very popular handmade soap is green with the scent of a green apple. Color complements the aromatic composition of the soap base, making the product complete. When adding to the base, first take a small amount of perfume – two or three drops. Then you can increase the volume, depending on the resulting concentration of flavor. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

The aroma of ripe, juicy grapes with a note of nutmeg.

The fragrance Muscatel has the aroma of ripe, juicy grapes with a note of nutmeg. Aroma is perfect for scenting rooms, making candles and auto flavoring. To bring a little variety and levity to everyday life and vanity, we recommend using perfumed Muscatel Grapes for various cosmetics and other means. Its smell is delicate, original, sweet and very spicy. He fills the air with a scent of intoxicating happiness and a sunny mood. It is very often used in various recipes in the manufacture of cosmetics, aromatic products and aromatherapy. So that your soap smells sweet with the aroma of grapes with muscat notes, use perfume for soap. The recommended amount of perfume is 1-2%. In the means of aromatization (candles, flavors, aroma oils, etc.) add perfume in the ratio of 5-6%. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

Sweet aroma of blackberry.

The aroma of sweet blackberries will not leave indifferent all the lovers of berries. The fragrance has a pronounced aroma of ripe berries. Excellent fit in any base that contains water.

Sweet aroma of a banana.

The water-soluble perfume ripe banana has a pleasant aroma and is perfect for making water-based products (tonics, face lotions, wet wipes, auto-washings for glasses, etc.). Perfume Ripe Banana is a universal remedy for aromatization of various products, including cosmetic products. To make a fragrant cream or shower gel, just add a few drops of perfume to the base and get a wonderful fragrant product with the smell of a ripe, delicious banana. The aroma of a ripe banana is very sweet, incomparable. He is recognized among other fruit flavors, because he is very memorable. Perfume Ripe banana will give cosmetics a “tasty” flavor, so pleasant and exotic. For example, the soap, made with the fragrance of a ripe banana, will taste to the most demanding gourmets. To ensure that this soap was not only fragrant, but also beautiful, add perfume at the end of cooking. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

Sweet aroma with fruit notes

The bright fruity taste of this fragrance will not leave you indifferent. Fruit fresh is an explosion of positive, summer and good mood. Odor has a slight bitterness, which gives the aroma a unique aroma. This fragrance is used in the manufacture of candles, auto flavoring agents, foam cleaning agents, household chemicals. With the help of perfume Fruit fresh, even the most demanding gourmets will get wonderful fragrant cosmetic and other products. After all, perfume Fruit fresh is suitable not only for the aromatization of cosmetics, but also to complement the perfume composition in perfume. Peach flavor complement the initial notes of perfume and medium. This fragrance is sweet, steady and original, it can not be confused with another smell. Fruity notes of perfume decorate their fragrance as well, and fragrances for air, scented candles, sachets for scenting cabinets and other products. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

Aroma with the smell of fruit and fresh sea

The original fragrance contains a mixture of smells – juicy fruit. The fragrance of Saint-Tropez, which smells of juicy fruit, brings a holiday atmosphere to any room. Fruity notes of a sweet juicy smell rejoice at the smell of any visitor. The fragrance of Saint Tropez perfectly aromatizes cosmetics and handmade soaps. Thanks to a pleasant and sweet aroma of juicy fruits and berries, perfume is able to make from an ordinary cosmetics fragrant masterpiece. Often the perfume is added to the soap, which gives it a unique and wonderful aroma. Also with the help of this perfume aromatizes various aromatic products: candles, aroma mixtures for aroma lamps, air fragrances, etc. The aroma of juicy fruits in the fragrance of St. Tropez will be to the liking of both adults and children. After all, kids love fruits and berries, and especially such fragrance will decorate their fragrance with cosmetics for children. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

Delicate sweet peach flavor

The fresh aroma of peach with notes of sweet, fragrant smell creates a unique atmosphere of holiday and magic. It is a fairly persistent fragrance that simply can not help but like it. Peach flavor is used in various areas. For example, it can be used as an aromatizer in the process of soap making. With the help of perfume Peach, even at home, you can make quality fragrant cosmetics cheaply and quickly. Peach fragrance is perfect for various shower gels, body cream, hands and face, scrubs, hair care products and many other products. Perfume Peach is also suitable for air flavors. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

Sweet and juicy strawberry flavor

In moderation sweet, inspiring, rich aroma has a fragrance of strawberry. This smell is fruity and very juicy. It includes a large number of different aromatic components. There are more than 50. Aromatize with the help of perfume Strawberry you can do anything (except food). If you want to make an original gift, try to make a perfumed soap with this fragrance. Or another option – scented candles. They are not only useful on the farm, but they will also fill with a beautiful strawberry flavor. Strawberry perfume will help to give any cosmetics a pleasant sweet berry smell. To do this, in the basis (shower gel, liquid soap, body cream, hands or face, etc.) add 2-5% perfume. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

The aroma of tropical fruit is carambola, the passion of sweet and together fresh music

Carambola has a light pleasant taste and the same delicate flavor. This fruit is very common in Southeast Asia. The aroma of Carambola completely repeats the smell of the fruit itself. It perfectly scents the room, giving a sunny scent to the room. Carambola fragrance is perfect for aromatization of cosmetics and soaps. The fragrance is suitable for shower gel, shampoo, various masks and balms for hair. Adding 1-2% in the soap, we get a fragrant product, attracting its unusual exotic smell. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

A pleasant light fragrance, reminiscent of the summer breeze of the sea.

The aroma of Fig has an identical flavor to the fruit of the same name. The fig has a pleasant light fragrance resembling the summer breeze of the sea. Aroma of perfume The fig is suitable both for aromatization of cosmetics and soap, and for creating a unique atmosphere in the room. With the help of this fragrance it is possible to produce wonderful flavors for air in various forms: liquid, solid, gel, in the form of candles. Such a product can not only be used for its own needs, but also implemented as a quality and natural product. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

Fruity scent with citrus notes

The aroma of green fruit is perfect for making home soap. Especially this soap is well combined with a transparent structure and green or salad color. Soap with the aroma of green fruit is made in various ways, and the simplest of them is the use of a soap base and perfume. Mixing the ingredients in the proper order, we get a wonderful fragrant soap. In the same way, you can make any cosmetic product. It has a tender fragrance that reminds us of a green apple, kiwi, pear and other green fruits. The aroma is slightly cool, sweet, refreshing. With this fragrance, not only cosmetics and soap are flavored, but also air flavors, aroma lamp mixtures and aromatic candles.

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