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Aroma of sage and marigold

The combination of aromas of sage and calendula gives the fragrance a unique smell. With its help you can bring into the room the atmosphere of summer for and fresh wind. Aromatizer makes the atmosphere calm and measured, soothes and relaxes. Medicinal herbs, the fragrance of which is enclosed in the fragrance of the same name, are perfectly suitable for aromatization of cosmetics, especially medicinal and preventive. Thanks to the stable aroma of the collection of medicinal herbs, the product will receive a rich smell of various herbs and flowers: calendula, chamomile, sage, thyme and others. Most often, this fragrance is used for the aromatization of home-made soap.

Aroma of forest wind and coniferous massif

The aroma of the coniferous forest can easily be recreated with the help of the Pine cone aroma. It has a gentle smell of forest wind, the aroma of an endless coniferous massif. With its help, you can fill the room with a memorable aroma of coniferous cones, which is sure to please every visitor. Spruce bumps have a rather bright aroma, which can not be confused with any other. The smell of needles has always been associated with the healing properties of evergreens. Each of us has a fir aroma associated with New Year’s holidays and a spruce, proudly rising in the middle of the house. To regain a sense of celebration and cheer up, use perfume of Spruce bumps.
Coniferous aroma is perfect for scenting premises, creating a unique bouquet of smells for air fresheners. Also, the fragrance will make the fragrance of homemade soap unrepeatable.

Pine flavor with a touch of menthol

Pine flavoring has a pronounced aroma of pine needles. With its help you can make air like in the forest. Just a few milligrams – and the room will be filled with the magic scent of the forest. Aroma Pine gives a bright aroma of coniferous wood and the magic of the forest. There are many kinds of pines, but they all have a characteristic coniferous aroma. It can not be confused with other smells, because it is an unrivaled cold scent with a touch of menthol. It is rather grassy and a little woody. Like any coniferous aroma, the pine has a dense texture, a bit gloomy, balsamic, but mobile. Many perfumers use the scent of pine in their perfume compositions. It is not difficult to guess in certain spirits. Perfume Pine can be used to give a fine coniferous scent to cosmetics, including decorative, home soap, self-made candles.

Bright aroma of exotic fruit

Patchouli has a vivid characteristic aroma of exotic fruit. Its smell is often used in the production of perfume and perfumes. The scent of Patchouli will give the air a bright note of exotic fruit, sweet notes and fresh fragrance. Patchouli fragrance is a fragrant composition with the same smell. The smell of patchouli is multifaceted and ambiguous. Someone in it hears bright water notes, the murmur of a stream and the cool of well water. For someone, this smell is associated with the mysterious east. In the fragrance are concentrated the mystery of the starry sky and the heavy moments of the pre-dawn rays of the sun.
In the scent of patchouli, tart, bitter and warm notes are concentrated. Such a composition is perfect for making your own original perfume bouquet. Patchouli’s fragrance can be an excellent addition to creating notes of a train or base in homemade perfumery.

Light aroma of freshness and purity

Light, fresh, sparkling aroma. Morning dew is an essence of freshness and purity. It’s nice to remember those wonderful moments when in the summer at dawn the grass is covered with small droplets of cold dew. On the eve of a hot day, the dew gives freshness its cool, refreshing the body and cleaning the soul. Fragrance Morning dew can serve as a basis for creating a fresh perfume composition, as well as for aromatization of various products. Such products can include cosmetics, and homemade soap, and scented candles, and even deodorants.
Perfume is added to cosmetics or soap in an amount of a few drops per 100 ml of the product. Having tried in this way to aromatize, the next time you can more confidently add fragrance, given the result.

Flower-grassy fragrance of wildflowers

Aroma of summer wildflowers. The fragrance of the summer meadow is a wonderful combination of floral and herbal fragrances. This combination of odors creates an atmosphere of a summer bright day, a sunny joyful mood. It is the fragrance of a gentle sun, fresh, transparent air, which is filled with meadow grasses and summer flowers. In general, the aroma of the Summer Glade is a combination of natural flavors, analogues of which are in nature. It is perfectly suitable for the aromatization of cosmetic products and homemade soap. To enjoy the floral and herbal smell, add a few drops of perfume to the base cosmetic product. By gaining experience of using perfume, you can already determine by eye the amount of perfume needed to create the right flavor concentration. Otdushka Summer glade is also perfect for soap making. In this case, the fragrance will be stable, natural and attractive even after the soap ripens.

Light unobtrusive aroma has notes of freshness and grass

Green tea with mint – an excellent tool for relaxation and relaxation. A flavor with the same flavor has the same properties. With his help, you can give the room an atmosphere of calm and security. Aromatizer Green tea with mint is an excellent means for aromatization of a wide variety of rooms. This perfume is perfect for household chemicals. Perfume Green tea with mint is perfectly suited not only for air refreshing, but also for the aromatization of various products: cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, preventive and curative remedies. Light and unobtrusive aroma has notes of freshness and grass. Green notes give the fragrance freshness and warmth. It fits perfectly with home-made soap, creating a real piece of soap from a simple piece of soap. Mint, as an effective soothing natural remedy, gives any product the aroma of natural appeasement and tranquility. Green tea has a peculiar fresh flavor, which is actively used in the aromatization of cosmetics and perfumes. The combination of the aromas of green tea and mint creates a harmonious tandem, which will beautify many cosmetic products, air fragrances, candles and so on. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

Bright rich menthol-herbal fragrance

Essential oils of eucalyptus are often used for skin care, as well as for medicinal purposes. Odyshka Eucalyptus can be bought, both wholesale and retail. The aroma of eucalyptus is quite light and at the same time a bright smell, which is very difficult to confuse with other flavors. The smell of eucalyptus is very good. To feel the freshness and purity of the menthol flavor, buy the fragrance Eucalyptus for the aromatization of various products and the manufacture of air fresheners. The smell of eucalyptus is a bright and rich menthol herbal fragrance that invigorates and gives strength. Odor Eucalyptus can be used not only to aromatize cosmetics, soaps and other body care products, but also to make scented water for a bath or sauna. Such a fragrant water will make the steam room pleasant and refreshing. The smell of eucalyptus is an aroma of health and strength. It contains the energy of centuries-old eucalyptus trees, whose leaves give longevity. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

Spicy notes with a tart aroma

An excellent smell is the aroma of tea tree. Such fragrances are actively used in cosmetology for various products, including creams, shampoos, shower gels, as well as soap and others. The aroma of the tea tree will allow people to solve even the most difficult tasks, focusing on certain, necessary actions. The aroma of tea tree is used quite widely, even in perfumery there is a whole direction of tea aromas. Therefore, perfume Tea tree is suitable not only for the aromatization of cosmetics and soaps, but also for the manufacture of perfumes and perfume compositions. The ratio of perfume and base can be for perfumery – 3 to 7, for cosmetics – from 0.2%. Over time, you can calculate the right amount of perfume in any product, given the necessary intensity of aroma and firmness.
The aroma of the tea tree is cold, rather sharp and invigorating. In it guessed the bitter spicy notes with a tart shade that create a woody composition. The aroma of the tea tree is combined with spicy and low woody aromas.
To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

Delicious herbal fragrance with hints of flowers

Wonderful, fragrant smells of herbs reunited in the perfume of thyme – an unusual herb that has a magical scent. This odor is often used in soap making. And to mix different smells is not recommended. Because the aroma of thyme itself is a rather complex, combined odor.

Thyme is a medicinal herb. It is actively used in the fight against viruses and treating colds. But the aroma of thyme itself is very pleasant: it has a delicious herbal aroma, with shades of flowers. Perfume Thyme can be used not only to aromatize soap, but also any other cosmetics, pi and other products for body and skin care. The aroma of thyme is pleasant and fresh, it is rather sharp and specific, does not tolerate abuse. Try to aromatize the product first add a minimal dose, gradually increasing to achieve the optimum intensity of the aroma. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog

Flower-green aroma

An amazing mixture of the smells of grass, leaves and flowers created by the flower-green flavor. An unusual combination has turned into an unforgettable aroma, which is incomparable with other smells. There are simply no analogues. Such a fragrance saturates the air with a sweet, pleasant aroma, which is very pleasant to inhale. If you want to give the soap that you make yourself, the fragrance of fresh flowers and green notes, then try a perfume flower-green. Its aroma is fresh, bright and filled with the joy of hot summer days. A successful combination of floral and green notes will make from any cosmetic product the elixir of youth and beauty. A beautiful aroma of greenery and flowers thanks to this fragrance can fill the room, if the air fragrance was made with its addition. Perfume Floral green can be added to aromatic candles and a means for the aroma lamp. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

Fragrant aroma of unique freshness

There is nothing better than the smell of freshly mowed grass. It is a wonderful, fragrant aroma of unique freshness and something beautiful. In order to calm down and relax, fragrances of freshly cut grass are used. In general, flavors are needed to produce a particular odor that will be an excellent addition, for example to balm or to cream. Perfumery Freshly mown grass is filled with the bright smell of summer meadow when hay making takes place. The smell of freshly mown grass is saturated not only with the aroma of hay, but also with wild flowers, honey, fresh air and warm sun rays. Despite the fact that it is difficult to characterize exactly the smell of grass, it has analogs in wildlife. Fragrance precisely replicates this aroma, which is used for the aromatization of foods and air. Using fragrance Freshly mowed grass, you can make a beautiful air fragrance in the form of a spray or in a dry form (stick or sachet). Also, perfume can be added to the candle when it is made. If you add perfume to the soap in the process of making it, you will get a wonderful product with an amazing aroma. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section “Contacts”) and we will send our price list and product catalog.

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