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Liquor malibu flavor

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The taste of rum with a persistent coconut flavor. Does not contain alcohol !!!

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This flavor is able to add an incredible flavor and flavor to your drink. The homeland of the original Malibu alcohol is the island of Barbados. With the help of a dietary supplement you will be able to obtain unique taste qualities of the liqueur, using at the same time a minimum of components.

We monitor the quality of the products supplied, safety for the consumer is guaranteed.

Food flavoring “Liquor Malibu” – an ideal option for the production of alcoholic beverages. It fully conveys the strong taste of rum with a persistent coconut aroma. The finished product is used as an integral part of cocktails, the recipes of which are huge, and in its pure form.

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от 100 мл

Область применения

Используются для придания аромата и вкуса кондитерским и хлебобулочным изделиям, молочным и кисломолочным продуктам, десертам, алкогольным и безалкогольным напиткам, листовому чаю.

Описание аромата

Вкус рома со стойким кокосовым ароматом. Не содержит спирт !

Срок годности

1 год

Страна производства


Условия хранения

В защищенном от солнца месте при комнатной температуре.

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