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Cream coconut

Cream Coconut flavoring is a unique product that will help you to give your dishes a unique taste and aroma.Read More

Nutmeg flavour

Nutmeg Flavour is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide range of applications within the food industry.Read More

Pecan Walnut flavour

Introducing our exquisite Pecan Walnut flavor, specially crafted for the food industry. At KEMA CLUB, we take pride in creatingRead More

Vanilla nut flavour

Sweet-tart aroma, spicy aroma.

Nutella flavour

Sweet aroma with a taste of hazelnuts.

Walnut flavour

A pleasant and rich smell of walnut.

Honey with lemon flavours

Sweet aroma of honey with piquant acidity

Chocolate hazelnuts flavour

Rich nuts and chocolate taste and hazelnut flavor.

Flower honey flavours

Flavor and flavor of meadow honey

Honey with caramel flavour

Sweet aroma of honey with caramel

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