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The chic flavor of the famous Coca Cola drink is ideally transmitted by using the Cola flavor in electronic cigarettes. The bright and unique taste of cola is pleasantly refreshing and recalls the summer heat and a glass of cola with ice. Simple and at the same time a unique harmony of aroma will allow you to enjoy its shades and to feel a pleasant aftertaste.

Cola Flavor for electronic cigarettes is widely used for the manufacture of liquids for these devices. The composition of the fragrance includes only natural ingredients, their use will not bring any harm to your health. Such flavors are widely used in the production of food products in the modern food industry.

Flavoring Cola is often added to beverages, including low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. This flavor is also used in the production of confectionery products — sweets, pastilles, marmalade and others. The most common and popular are the cola flavor combinations with cherry or cola with rum.

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Coca-Cola — the history of the famous carbonated drink originates at the end of the century before last. The invention of the American pharmacist was first used as a cure for nervous disorders. Over time, the healing tonic has spread and gained popularity around the world. The dark liquid obtained as a result of mixing the leaves of the coca and the fruits of the tropical cola tree should be diluted with soda. Subsequently, the formulation was changed. Manufacturers use natural flavors to recreate the unique taste of a drink that can refresh on a hot day, fill the body with energy, relieve mental stress and depression, and cheer up.

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