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Green tea with lemon — many thousands of years ago, the ancient Chinese appreciated the positive effect of green tea on the human body. Nowadays, the tart taste of the leaves is supplemented with sour lemon, giving the drink an unusual citrus aroma.

An unusual combination of flavor invigorates and refreshes well in the summer heat, and in warm weather it warms and adds so necessary for immunity of vitamin C, helping to fight seasonal colds. A fragrant amber liquid based on green tea perfectly refreshes, soothes, relaxes after a hard day, helps to put in order thoughts, relieve tension.

Manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages have not ignored such a multifaceted flavor, it is often used in the production of lemonades and other refreshing beverages. Confectioners are also attracted by an interesting combination that can be found in cakes, mousses, puddings, pies.
In addition, food flavors are used in wiping, giving an unusual freshness of the liquid for electronic cigarettes.

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