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Karkade tea is a herbal drink made from dried petals of the Sudanese rose, also known as hibiscus.
Nationally recognized in Egypt, the drink has received and we have a wide distribution.

It is enough to throw a handful of flowers in a glass or ceramic container and pour water to feel the exquisite aroma of ruby ​​liquid. Used in hot, and cold. Acid to taste, it perfectly quenches thirst, in addition it has a general strengthening effect on the body, adds energy and tones well.

The unique smell of carcade is successfully used for making various soft drinks, fruit drinks, and can also add light sourness to baking and confectionery products, thereby emphasizing their originality. It is also used for the production of cosmetics, shower gels, soaps, giving the products a subtle, elegant fragrance.
Recently, it is often used in wiping, it provides liquid for electronic cigarettes with the uniqueness of taste and smell.

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