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Chili does not always mean tears from the eyes and fire in the throat. As a rule, red peppers are sharper than green peppers. The smaller and thinner the chili, the sharper they are. Imagine, connoisseurs of chili recommend biting off a pepper to taste it! But if you decide on such a risky action, keep cheese on hand to immediately extinguish the fire in your mouth!
The sharpest in chilli — seeds and plates inside, remove them with a spoon or a sharp knife and the sharpness of chili will be sweeter than fire. The substance giving pepper to chili burning is called capsaicin, and the greatest amount is contained in seeds and internal plates. To muffle the fire, remove seeds and plates, while being careful — the essential oils released during cleaning can cause skin irritation. Chile is rich in vitamins A and C. Also, the use of chili encourages the development of endorphins in the body that stimulate the immune system, improve blood circulation, reduce pain and reduce stress.

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