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Lemongrass and grape perfume from KEMA KLAB is a unique fragrance that can be used in various applications. It is suitable for perfume compositions, cosmetic products, as well as for the production of household chemicals and detergents.

Lemongrass and grape fragrance is a fresh and bright scent that reminds of juicy and sweet grapes combined with the aroma of refreshing lemongrass. It can create an atmosphere of energy and cheerfulness, filled with aromas of fruity delights. This fragrance is suitable for those who love fresh and bright smells that fill the space with energy and life.

Lemongrass and grape fragrance from KEMA CLUB has a wide range of applications in the beauty industry and household chemicals. It can be used to create shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, as well as for the production of detergents. The aroma of lemongrass and grape gives the product not only a pleasant smell, but also the properties of refreshing and strengthening the hair.

This perfume from KEMA CLUB is a natural product, which is made on the basis of lemongrass and grape extract. It is free of harmful chemicals and allergens, making it safe for use in cosmetic and household products.

Lemongrass and grape perfume from KEMA CLUB is the ideal solution for those who want to create a product with a bright and fresh aroma of lemongrass and grape. It is suitable for use in a variety of applications, allowing you to create products with a pleasant scent and beneficial properties for hair and skin. Create your own unique product with this unique KEMA CLUB fragrance.

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