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Find a more fresh and natural flavor is very difficult. The smell of an apple, obtained with the help of natural flavors, is very difficult to distinguish from its true flavor. This fragrance is liked by everyone without exception. Due to the existing fragrances, today it is possible to reproduce almost any flavor. A green apple is a fragrance of freshness and purity. Thanks to a delicate aroma with notes of sourness and sweetness, perfume Green apple is widely used in various non-food products. Thus, if you need to bring the aroma of a green apple into cosmetics, perfumes, household chemicals, deodorants, creams and much more, you should use a green apple fragrance. It will fill the product with a wonderful fresh fragrance, which will please all with green notes and an original bouquet of aromas. Very popular handmade soap is green with the scent of a green apple. Color complements the aromatic composition of the soap base, making the product complete. When adding to the base, first take a small amount of perfume — two or three drops. Then you can increase the volume, depending on the resulting concentration of flavor. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section «Contacts») and we will send our price list and product catalog.

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