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Harmony of the east is a unique fragrance that immerses you in a world of sensuality and luxury. This fragrance is created for those who appreciate oriental culture and want to feel its magic.

This fragrance is suitable for use in various spheres. It can be used in the production of perfumes and cosmetics, as well as in the production of household chemicals and detergents. In addition, this fragrance can be used to create an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication in hotel rooms and restaurants.

The top note is fragrant with aromas of pineapple, plum and orange. Unusual fruity sound is emphasized by a combination of heart notes — rose, bergamot and cinnamon. This accord reveals a floral-citrus note with a spicy touch. But how can an oriental fragrance do without notes of animal origin? Harmony of the east fragrance is no exception and at the end of its sound is fragrant with amber, santalum, white musk, vanilla and pepper. It is amber and musk that make this fragrance perfume complete, dense, harmonious and oriental bright.

Harmony of the east is a fragrance that makes you forget about everything in the world and plunge into the world of sensuality and luxury. Its unique oriental charm and deep aroma create an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication. If you want to feel the magic of oriental culture, this fragrance is the perfect choice for you.

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