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Milk Honey is a unique fragrance that is suitable for many applications. It is ideal for creating fragrance in cosmetics and perfumery, as well as for adding to food products.

The first thing that is bright in the perfume is the top note. It is represented by the aroma of whipped cream. It is a slightly fancy flavor that is associated with milky creamy notes. Complementing the sound of the top are middle notes, expressed in this case by the aromas of milk, honey and coconut. Coconut nuance only adds sweetness and a touch of exoticism. The trail notes are flavors of Caribbean vanilla and caramel.

This fragrance has a unique and attractive aroma that will not leave anyone indifferent. Its smell reminds of a warm summer morning, when the air is filled with the aroma of fresh milk and sweet honey. It creates an atmosphere of coziness and comfort that can be felt at any time of the year.

If you want to give your products or cosmetics a unique and attractive fragrance, Milk Honey is a great choice. This fragrance will help your products stand out in the market and attract the attention of customers. Buy it today and experience a superior fragrance that will not leave you indifferent!

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