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«Delicious» and fragrant perfume, soap or shampoo, made by own hands, are available to everyone. This will require the basis, as well as the perfume Tort «Prague». This is a very interesting aroma, which causes a desire to urgently put the kettle and make yourself tea or coffee.

With perfume Cake «Prague» is easy to make soap of own preparation, which has a pleasant aroma with a vanilla tinge. He fills with joy and energy, giving a «delicious» flavor of the cake.

Otdushka Cake «Prague» is designed for home soap making, making their own hands of various cosmetics, as well as perfumes. A perfume will make an ordinary candle a real work of art. Also with the help of perfume Cake «Prague» you can create a perfume composition for air fragrance, sachet for cabinets, etc.

You can buy perfume on our website by writing to us in the «Contacts» section. We will send you the price list and the current product catalog.

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