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Musk & Vanilla perfume from KEMA KLAB is a unique fragrance that is suitable for use in a variety of applications. It can be used to create perfumes, cosmetics, aromatization of rooms and cars, as well as to create unique flavors in food products.

In this case, the perfume reveals its true sound only in the trail, that is, the base notes. So, the initial notes sound with the aroma of bergamot. It is a common practice when the initial notes have a light citrus aroma. The heart notes are fragrant with aromas of coconut, milk, patchouli and ylang-ylang. The unfolding takes place within an hour and a half to two hours. Then the fragrance moves to the stage of revealing the base — notes of vanilla, white musk, amber and caramel.

This fragrance is a perfect combination of warm and sweet vanilla with soft and cozy smell of musk. It creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation, lifts your mood and gives you a sense of coziness. Thanks to its versatility, it is suitable for any season and any mood.

If you want to create a unique fragrance for your products or add a little coziness and comfort to your home or office, KEMA CLUB Musk & Vanilla is the perfect choice. It will definitely become your favorite fragrance and will give you unforgettable emotions and impressions.

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