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Oriental fairy tale is a fragrance that is suitable for many applications. It can be used in perfumes, cosmetics, household chemicals and more. It is a versatile fragrance that will work for any project.

The top notes of the perfume are represented by the aromas of citrus — Lemongrass and red berries. They combine perfectly, creating a successful association of diverse odors. The initial fragrance is gradually joined by the heart note, which sounds with the aromas of cinnamon and rose. To harmoniously and without excesses complete the sound of perfume, its trail aroma is represented by vanilla.

This fragrance is a real journey into an oriental fairy tale. It allows you to plunge into the world of mystery and luxury. The combination of spicy and floral notes creates a harmonious balance that captures its intriguing and alluring atmosphere.

Oriental fairy tale is a perfume that will be of interest to wholesale buyers who are looking for a universal fragrance for their projects. It will be suitable for creating perfumes, cosmetics, household chemicals, and more. By purchasing this fragrance, you will have the opportunity to create products that will appeal to your customers and capture them with its mysterious aura.

Oriental fairy tale is a fragrance that will not leave anyone indifferent. It creates an atmosphere of mystery and luxury, which makes you immerse yourself in the world of oriental fairy tales and legends. Be sure that with the help of this fragrance you will be able to create products that will cause only positive emotions in your customers.

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