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Green tea with mint — an excellent tool for relaxation and relaxation. A flavor with the same flavor has the same properties. With his help, you can give the room an atmosphere of calm and security. Aromatizer Green tea with mint is an excellent means for aromatization of a wide variety of rooms. This perfume is perfect for household chemicals. Perfume Green tea with mint is perfectly suited not only for air refreshing, but also for the aromatization of various products: cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, preventive and curative remedies. Light and unobtrusive aroma has notes of freshness and grass. Green notes give the fragrance freshness and warmth. It fits perfectly with home-made soap, creating a real piece of soap from a simple piece of soap. Mint, as an effective soothing natural remedy, gives any product the aroma of natural appeasement and tranquility. Green tea has a peculiar fresh flavor, which is actively used in the aromatization of cosmetics and perfumes. The combination of the aromas of green tea and mint creates a harmonious tandem, which will beautify many cosmetic products, air fragrances, candles and so on. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section «Contacts») and we will send our price list and product catalog.

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