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Patchouli has a vivid characteristic aroma of exotic fruit. Its smell is often used in the production of perfume and perfumes. The scent of Patchouli will give the air a bright note of exotic fruit, sweet notes and fresh fragrance. Patchouli fragrance is a fragrant composition with the same smell. The smell of patchouli is multifaceted and ambiguous. Someone in it hears bright water notes, the murmur of a stream and the cool of well water. For someone, this smell is associated with the mysterious east. In the fragrance are concentrated the mystery of the starry sky and the heavy moments of the pre-dawn rays of the sun.
In the scent of patchouli, tart, bitter and warm notes are concentrated. Such a composition is perfect for making your own original perfume bouquet. Patchouli’s fragrance can be an excellent addition to creating notes of a train or base in homemade perfumery.

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