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The aroma of the coniferous forest can easily be recreated with the help of the Pine cone aroma. It has a gentle smell of forest wind, the aroma of an endless coniferous massif. With its help, you can fill the room with a memorable aroma of coniferous cones, which is sure to please every visitor. Spruce bumps have a rather bright aroma, which can not be confused with any other. The smell of needles has always been associated with the healing properties of evergreens. Each of us has a fir aroma associated with New Year’s holidays and a spruce, proudly rising in the middle of the house. To regain a sense of celebration and cheer up, use perfume of Spruce bumps.
Coniferous aroma is perfect for scenting premises, creating a unique bouquet of smells for air fresheners. Also, the fragrance will make the fragrance of homemade soap unrepeatable.

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