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Pomme d`amour fema

Sweet and coniferous aroma.

Pomme verte hydro

Fresh and natural flavor of a green apple.


The aroma of ripe, juicy grapes with a note of nutmeg.


The smell of spring and flowering linden

Mure sauvage hydro

Sweet aroma of blackberry.

Cola hydro

A pleasant smell, in which there are smells of cinnamon and vanilla.

Banane hydro

Sweet aroma of a banana.

Menthe hydro

Aroma with a light chill and pleasant mint freshness.

Argume fragrance

Citrus freshness

Pamplemousse rose fragrance

Citrus fragrance of grapefruit

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    Cosmetic fragrances are exclusive multicomponent compositions created on the basis of synthetic or natural aromatic elements and essential oils of plants.

    Appearance of flavoring fragrance is a transparent liquid, which sometimes has a color color and has a delicate pleasant odor. Fragrances are used to impart an attractive fragrance to cosmetic products, in addition they help to muffle the smell of the basis of soap or cream, the useful components of which have a not very pleasant smell. As practice shows, the bulk of consumers make their choice of cosmetics, first of all, paying attention to the smell, so creating an aromatic bouquet plays a very important role. Aromatic perfumes are widely used for making:

    • Soap;
    • means for hair;
    • household chemical goods;
    • means of hygiene;
    • cosmetic creams;
    • aromatic candles;
    • aerosols;
    • automotive fresheners and windshield wipers.

    Manufacturers of cosmetics strictly monitor the safety of fragrances included in the composition of products, conduct research and special tests to eliminate irritation and allergic reaction, so as to buy a fragrance, do not harm the body.

    We can find a wide range of fragrances wholesale and retail of various types and flavors:

    • marine;
    • thematic aromas;
    • herbal;
    • citrus;
    • fruit;
    • floral.

    Buying fragrances by wholesale you need to determine some of the features:

    In the composition, which means will be used perfume (gel, detergent, deodorant, shampoo, air freshener, perfume) Does the composition contain active elements, such as alkali, acid, chlorine. Choose the desired flavor direction. Knowing the exact parameters, the consultants of the company will easily select the necessary fragrance, which will perfectly suit your product. High-quality fragrances are well balanced, they are characterized by a harmonious aroma.

    Buying a fragrance in France, it is worth paying attention to the wide range of products of our production. A variety of aromas will pleasantly surprise the most demanding buyer.

    Kema Club guarantes a high-quality product.