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Hand and surface antiseptic is an ideal alternative to soap and water. The principle of action of antiseptic agents is based on the destruction and / or prevention of the growth of microorganisms. Antiseptics are designed to maintain personal hygiene and prevent the spread of pathogenic microbes.

The most popular is an antiseptic based on ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. It is important to remember that for the destruction of microorganisms, at least 70% of the alcohol in the antiseptic product is necessary. Destroying pathogens, alcohol also infects our own microflora, overdries the skin, causing redness and irritation, and also has a sharp and unpleasant odor. Manufacturers of antiseptics in antiseptic products introduce components that eliminate the unpleasant consequences of using alcohol. Consider the effect of each component on a typical antiseptic formulation.

Component% Input Description
Alcohol 70% Active ingredient – antimicrobial action
Water 26.5% Solvent
Aloe Vera Gel 2% Regeneration, skin hydration; Anti-inflammatory effect
Glycerin 1% Moisturize the skin
Fragrance 0.5% Eliminates the pungent odor of alcohol; Gives the product a pleasant aroma

Fragrance, although it is the smallest part of the composition of an antiseptic, plays an important role in creating the final product. The floral aroma will add joy and warmth, lavender will soothe and relax, chocolate and caramel notes will please sweet tooth. Fragrance masks a pungent smell of alcohol, gives your product individuality and originality.

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