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No wonder the choice of perfume is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. We are trying by all the rules to find the right flavor, spend time searching for it, evaluate, make mistakes and continue the search again. And all because with the help of fragrance a person tries to express himself, complement his image, display his mood and tell about the world around him. It has long been noted that a favorite perfume can tell a lot about a person. Christian Dior himself believed that spirits would be said about a woman much more than even her handwriting. After all, the perfumery perfume can tell about us what cannot be expressed in words. The aroma trail remains indoors even after leaving, and the people around can make an opinion about a person and not communicating with him, but only by appreciating the aroma of his perfume.

Currently, it is very difficult to choose exactly that unique fragrance that suits you personally. After all, now there is a huge variety of perfumery fragrances, new molecules and aromatic substances that do not allow to try and appreciate all the fragrances and perfumes. Too many of them. But for those who are really puzzled by the choice, we can tell a few tips to help you choose at least the direction in which to look for your fragrance, your perfume or ready-made perfume.

If you are an inexperienced connoisseur of perfume fragrances, then you should first orient yourself in general, what smells in everyday life do you like more. After all, if you have no idea what the oriental flavors are, or woody, or amber, then there is no point in advising them to be guided by when choosing. But if you confidently say that the best fragrance in your life is the sea breeze or the smell of air in a pine forest, then it will be more clear that you can advise. It is worth remembering that the perfume can be both ready-made in the store, and self-made and based on perfume fragrances, which can be bought at

The flavors and fragrances presented on this site even surpass the usual perfumes in quality, which can be found on store shelves. Moreover, you can make perfumery desired intensity of aroma and durability. At cost, such perfumes are much cheaper than regular shoplifting.

Let’s look at the main areas in which you should look for your perfume fragrances. Lovers of sea scents, walks by the sea, ocean breeze may like Escada Ocean Blue perfume. And if you’re a desperate fan of sweets and baking, try the bright vanilla chords of the perfume fragrance D & G The One Desire. In this perfume are collected not only sweet notes of vanilla, but also harmoniously combine the flavors of musk and caramel. Do you like to walk in the blooming garden, where the fragrance of flowers makes you forget about all the problems and worries? Then you should try perfumes or perfume based on Flora by Gucci.

For women who love bright colors, do not do without a day’s red lipstick, feel comfortable on tall heels and sexy clothes, Opium Black YSL fragrance is ideal. If you prefer fun parties, youth style, style contrast, be sure to explore the perfume fragrance based on the brand perfume Lacoste Pour Femme. You will find a pleasant combination of woody and floral notes. Harmony and contrast: white freesia, sandalwood, jasmine. Create a pleasant and fun combination.

In order not to overpay for your experiments, try to buy perfumes in several directions at once. Something you will definitely like. In this case, you do not have to spend too much for their creative searches. You can buy fragrances and flavors on our website by contacting the managers to get the price.

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