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Kema Club is an international company with office in Grasse (France). Kema Club was founded in 2004 as a distributor of fragrances made in France. We supplied perfume to Eastern European countries (Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Ukraine) as well as other countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

For 19 years, we have come a long way from a small distributor to our own production of fragrances and food flavors. Our plants are located in Grasse (France). Our production has state-of-the-art laboratories for analyzing the quality of the purchased raw materials and manufactured products. Perfumers develop the most fashionable flavors and we have already developed a rich library of flavors.

We currently deliver fragrance to more than 1,000 customers worldwide. Our main markets are the countries of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

In our assortment of fragrances you will find not only the most fashionable and demanded fragrances to date, but also unique perfume compositions. Our creative approach to our work and original recipes of our perfumers embody the wildest fragrant fantasies into reality.


June: Season of Basil

June is the season of basil for several reasons. Firstly, basil is a heat-loving plant, and June is usually characterized by moderately warm weather, which creates optimal conditions for its growth.

Additionally, basil is often used in summer dishes and drinks due to its refreshing taste and aroma.

Therefore, June becomes the perfect season for basil because of the favorable conditions for its growth, as well as the demand for this aromatic plant in summer culinary traditions.

Basil, with its unique aroma and spicy taste, is one of the most popular herbal plants in the world. This plant, rich in history and cultural significance, not only adds a distinctive flavor to dishes but also has a variety of beneficial properties.

Fresh basil leaves complement various cuisines – from Italian to Thai. Their aroma fills the kitchen with freshness, while the taste adds sophistication to the dishes. Basil is a key ingredient in famous dishes such as pesto and caprese.

However, basil is not just a wonderful addition to culinary masterpieces. It is also a valuable plant due to its beneficial properties. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, promotes better digestion, and enriches the body with vitamins.

Moreover, basil can be used to create refreshing drinks. For example, basil tea or lemonade with the addition of this plant will be a real discovery for enthusiasts of unique flavors.

Thus, basil is not just an herb; it is a source of inspiration for culinary creativity and health care.

Of course, in the KEMA CLUB collection, there are several options for basil food flavorings.

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