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The perfume as a business card of person

No wonder the choice of perfume is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. We are trying by all the rules to find the right flavor, spend time searching for it, evaluate, make mistakes and continue the search again. And all because with the help of fragrance a person tries to…

Fragrance for handmade cosmetic

The most difficult and time-consuming soap making process is making it from scratch. To do this, you need to use special ingredients, alkali, fatty base and other additives. Correctly mix the components, choose the proportions, by trial and error to choose flavors, active ingredients, and other ingredients, can only professional.…

Fruit aromas are a good start to a successful perfume.

There are many more floral fragrances that are used to create perfume compositions, fragrances and fragrances. But do not forget about fruit notes, in particular citrus. They tend to create beautiful top notes, forming a light cloud of beautiful bouquet. Fruits not only cause us exalted feelings of beauty, but…

Fragrance for sanitizers

Many of us are familiar with the situation when there is not a drop of water at hand, and so we want to clean our hands. Well-known sanitizers always come to the rescue; they are called “antiseptics” in the common people.As a rule, this type of disinfectant is widely used in medicine…

Our sanitizer \ antiseptic formula

Hand and surface antiseptic is an ideal alternative to soap and water. The principle of action of antiseptic agents is based on the destruction and / or prevention of the growth of microorganisms. Antiseptics are designed to maintain personal hygiene and prevent the spread of pathogenic microbes. The most popular…