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Baileys flavour

Introducing Baileys Flavor, a delectable creation by KEMA CLUB, renowned manufacturers and developers of food flavors and fragrances. With itsRead More

Garlic flavour

Bright and rich taste of garlic

Dill flavour

Strong fragrance of dill

Shrimp flavour

A saturated aroma of shrimp

Bacon flavour

Aromatizer bacon is recommended for sausages, pates and various ready-made dishes.

Sauce dzadziki flavour

To taste this flavor becomes a bit spicy and very juicy.

Wasabi flavour

Wasabi Flavor is a great addition to sushi, rolls and other oriental dishes

Cheese emmental flavour

Identical to natural

Mexican chili flavour

Identical to natural

Sun dried tomato flavour

Spicy aroma

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    Food flavors can be:

    • natural
    • artificial
    • identical to natural

    The most suitable flavors in human nutrition are natural. They are able to give food a real natural flavor and taste, while not damaging health. Often 100% useful products are used as natural flavors – essential oils, infusions, fruit and vegetable juices, plant powders.

    The main direction of the use of flavorings is the food industry, because the thermally processed products lose their natural flavor, and it is necessary to restore it with the help of flavors. Add them to confectionery, beverages, meat products, etc.