ZA La Festre Sud, Route de Grasse 06530 Saint Cezaire sur Siagne, FRANCE

Kema Club manufactures and supplies fragrance for various industries. We focus on the development of fragrances for such industries:

  • cosmetics
  • household chemicals
  • industrial chemistry
  • automotive chemistry

Our perfumers and technologists have vast experience and knowledge in the development of such aromas. Our fragrances are tested in a wide variety of bases and solvents. We can confidently recommend the use of our fragrances in your product.

In food flavors, we specialize in “sweet” themes. We produce food flavors for these areas:

  • confectionery and baking
  • dairy products and yoghurts
  • sweets, chocolate and sweet foods
  • sweet drinks

At the moment we pay great attention to the production of powder flavors for snacks, meat, spicy and oriental products.

We constantly invest in new equipment and technologies. Our flavors are trained in leading training centers in the world. We love our work.

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