ZA La Festre Sud, Route de Grasse 06530 Saint Cezaire sur Siagne, FRANCE

Baileys flavour

Introducing Baileys Flavor, a delectable creation by KEMA CLUB, renowned manufacturers and developers of food flavors and fragrances. With itsRead More

Garlic flavour

Bright and rich taste of garlic

Amaretto flavour

Introducing Amaretto Flavor, a captivating creation by KEMA CLUB, a renowned manufacturer and developer of food flavors and fragrances. WithRead More

Rum flavour

The fragrance of rum is very realistic, saturated, tart, sweet. Does not contain alcohol !!!

Vanilla rum flavour

Has a thick vanilla aroma in rum

Champagne flavours

Sparkling drink with light tones of honey and fruit. Does not contain alcohol !!

Tonic flavour

Tonic with a bitter bitterness of wormwood and lemon notes. Does not contain alcohol !!!

Tonic-grapefruit flavour

Refreshing drink with a unique taste

Tequila flavour

Aroma and taste of the original drink. Does not contain alcohol !!!

Pina Colada flavour

The taste of creamy liqueur with rum and fruit notes. Does not contain alcohol !!

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