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Green tea is a plant with elongated leaves, green in color, distinguished by a variety of shades. The sinuses of the leaves are rich in fragrant flowers. Fruits are a flattened box, inside of which are round seeds of brown color.

Since ancient times, the miraculous power of tea is familiar. Cosmetologists and pharmacists introduce it into their preparations. Extract of green tea, is an ideal ingredient of nutritious creams and various bioadditives. Unique properties of the plant improve the digestive process, strengthen the blood vessels, raise the general tone of the body, perfectly take care of the problem skin.

Manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages have not disregarded the food flavoring on a natural basis, with its help the liquid acquires a wonderful smell and is overflowing with freshness.
Also respected in wiping, as the original additive in the liquid for electronic cigarettes.

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