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The fragrance Muscatel has the aroma of ripe, juicy grapes with a note of nutmeg. Aroma is perfect for scenting rooms, making candles and auto flavoring. To bring a little variety and levity to everyday life and vanity, we recommend using perfumed Muscatel Grapes for various cosmetics and other means. Its smell is delicate, original, sweet and very spicy. He fills the air with a scent of intoxicating happiness and a sunny mood. It is very often used in various recipes in the manufacture of cosmetics, aromatic products and aromatherapy. So that your soap smells sweet with the aroma of grapes with muscat notes, use perfume for soap. The recommended amount of perfume is 1-2%. In the means of aromatization (candles, flavors, aroma oils, etc.) add perfume in the ratio of 5-6%. To buy this aromatic fragrance, write us a request (section «Contacts») and we will send our price list and product catalog.

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